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Food Photography Mentoring

Learn Food Photography , food styling, and editing

Food Photography Mentoring

The goal of ‘One on One’ Food Photography Mentoring is to offer custom lessons geared towards your current photography needs. Whether you are new to food photography or just want extra feedback with your current work and editing flow, I’m here to help.

  • Discuss your food photography goals and make a plan to move towards them.
  • Receive constructive feedback about helpful ways to improve.
  • Learn camera techniques for different angles and natural lighting.
  • Develop composition and styling.
  • Choose complimentary props and backdrops.
  • Improve your editing.

Sessions will include Skype video, screen sharing, constructive feedback, and personal projects geared towards your goals. Prices start at $125 per session. Discounted rate for 5+ sessions. Fill out the CONTACT form with questions and/or to get started.

“Jenn is a kind and amazing talented individual with an extensive knowledge for food photography. She is professional, attentive, patient and has a special way of simplifying otherwise intimidating photography aspects.” ~Dee

Light Food Photography

Learn Food Photography , food styling, and editing

Dark Food Photography

Learn Dark Food Photography styling, editing, and composition

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