Lightroom Presets

 Artistic Lightroom Presets Bundle – $47

Purchase the Full Bundle package including all 7 presets for $47 USD

Full Bundle – Buy Now


Purchase ‘a la carte’ for $9 USD each! See Below

Create a unique look for your food brand, blog, and/or business. 

These presets offer a ‘one-click’ professional edit to enhance your food photos.

Tips for Lightroom Presets:

  • All Presets are .xmp files configured to work with the newest Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 or later. Make sure to update your Lightroom before downloading. 
  • To use on your mobile device, simply install on your desktop and they will automaticladly sync. 
  • White Balance, which is the combination of temperature and tint are not adjusted. Each photo’s white balance depends on light, colors, and location. Please adjust for desired warmth or coolness after applying presets to achieve your desired look.
  • Exposure is also not adjusted for photos. If you tend to overexpose and choose a lighter preset, you may need to bring down the exposure. 
  • Use the brush tool to apply specific adjustments to objects in your photo.
  • If  a certain color is more or less saturated that your liking, simply head over to the HSL panel in Lightroom. Adjust the hue, saturation, and luminance for each color as needed.
  • Check the boxes ‘Remove Chromatic Aberration’ and ‘Enable Profile Corrections’ to adjust for camera lens distortions.
  • Shoot in RAW to allow for greater control when editing.

**Can’t decide which one will work best for you? Just send me a note about what you would like to achieve and I can recommend a preset!**

Brighten My Day – Buy Now

All over brightness for a dull light photo, pops the whites and brings up the highlights. 

The Full Shebang – Buy Now

Contrast, color pop, and overall enhancement. Use on photos with lots of middle tones and colors.

Oh So Cozy – Buy Now

Slightly warm and cozy feel with a hint of moodiness. Use on lighter photos.

Cool Mood Booster –Buy Now

Brighten a dark moody photo, while enhancing the cool tones and minimizing the warm tones. This will not work as well on lighter photos. 

Good Morning – Buy Now

Bright warm morning light with softer cool tones.

Touch of the Dark Side – Buy Now

Transform a plain photo with a dreamy moody feel. Increased shadows, blacks, and overall darkness while maintaining some highlight and whites for contrast.

Bold and Beautiful – Buy Now

Brighten and add a pop of color to dull flat photos.

How to Download Presets

  1. Click ‘Buy Now’ on the individual preset or Bundle options.
  2. Purchase.
  3. Select download files to computer.
  4. Open Lightroom and go to ‘Preset’ section in develop module.
  5. Click the ‘+’ and select import presets.
  6. Select folder or preset from downloads on your computer.
  7. Start using presets!