Simply Sunday, 4

Bundle of green grapes and hydrangea blossoms.

Happy Sunday Friends!!

Can you believe its already August?? What happened to summer? I feel like I just got in the swing of wearing shorts, baking with fruit, and going to the lake. I love fall, but I’m gonna need a few more months of playing in the garden. Good news is, its almost time for picking grapes!!

Between photographing cobblers, testing recipes, and plant shopping I need chill time! My entire kitchen was covered in homemade cobbler for a client last week. Yes, it was heaven. Just imagine walking through with a spoon and sampling fruit cobbler throughout the day. All I kept thinking to myself was, man I love my job!

Moving onto testing bread and ice cream recipes. Have you every created a recipe, thinking it just needs a little something extra? Well, I feel like that all the time. Recipes are so much fun to play with, but you could go crazy with options. Here’s hoping everyone loves my Focaccia and Peach Ice Cream as much as I do (coming soon).

My mom is visiting this weekend to teach me how to can my tomatoes!! She is a canning wizard, making pepper jelly, homemade pickles, and peach preserves. I always put in my order when she visits. Here’s hoping  after some practice I can start sharing canning tips with you.

Do you make jams or can veggies? Let me know, I would love some inspo.

Here are this week’s Simply Sunday finds!

I used Fusilli noodles, then added lemon juice, shredded chicken, and sliced roasted tomatoes to Pesto Pasta and ate it for three meals! (Bon Appetit)

New carnivorous hanging plant, the Pitcher Plant..excited to see how it grows!

Landscaping around my front porch and using Landscape Software to help with layout.

Loving Viola Virtamo on Instagram. So dreamy!

Photogs must follow Art Streiber on insta to see his behind the scenes.

New read “The Accidental Creative” (Todd Henry)

“The Chef” on Netflix it, then make your self a Cubano Sandwich!!

World’s Longest Yard Sale in TN, August 1-4th..(127 Yard Sale)

Craving Mexican Food in Nashville, check out St. Anejo, order a big cheese dip 🙂

See how I make Peanut Butter Cannoli on Insta. Tap Highlights titled “Cannoli”.

Looking to set some goals for yourself? Check out this book, “High Performance Habits”, by Brendon Burchard.

“Best Cookbooks Of The Century So Far”, by Helen Rosner (The New Yorker)

The beginning of fall, the beginning of Grape Season!! (Harvest to Table)

Enjoy your Sunday and soak up the last bit of summer.



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