Simply Sunday 12

Eggs in a bowl on table.

Happy New Year!

I love these first few weeks of decompressing after the holidays, reflection on another year past, and goal setting for the months to come. This is what I call the quiet month. It’s cold, mostly overcast and the busy hustle bustle has died down.

I’m taking this month to do a little creative exploration, read more books, and recover from all the holiday desserts I happily indulged. So, I’ve dedicated January to bread making! If you’re not already aware, I love playing with bread dough. There’s such therapy in stretching and folding squishy dough. Which is why I want to explore new recipes, methods, and of course feed that starter for my ultimate skill test of beautiful sourdough loaves.

Besides the excitement of yeast transformation, I’m also in the process of buying a new home. Starting the new year full force right? Well, after months of looking I think the right one has come along. Especially since it has a generous space for a food studio. I’m thinking personalized photo workshops!

Maybe I will dive into recipe video to give you an in home visual baking tutorial of my recipes, any thoughts? Recipe requests?

How do you approach the coming of a new year? Do you make lists, goals, plan to start fresh? I’m more of a dreamer and go with the flow personality always open to new bends in the road. But, I do like to make overall projections and check off short term goals.

Thinking about some of the highlights from 2019 of working with incredible clients, connecting with amazing foodies and photographers, winning Saveur, and being a contestant on Food Network’s Chopped, its been a whirlwind of excitement. I find myself being beyond grateful, filled with honor knowing I’m on the right path.

My plans for 2020 are pretty much the same for every year. I want to improve my skills as a baker and photographer, be more present, cultivate connections with others, explore the world of food and art, practice mindfulness, less screen time and more turning book pages, travel, and be openly accepting of new challenges.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year and thanks as always for supporting and being a part of Two Cups Flour!


Here are this week’s finds!!

Australia needs our help, the devastation is unfathomable!! Please donate to the Australian Red Cross , WIRES, and WWF-Australia.

Tired of scraping seeds from your vanilla bean? Check out this Vanilla Bean Paste. (Bon Appetit)

31 Recipe to make in January. (Food&Wine)

Looking for a new cookbook! Must grab a copy of Pastry Love by Joanne Chang. First think I made were the peanut rice krispie treats, stay tuned for more!

Interested in Travel and Baking? Baked From Scratch 2020 Baking Retreat schedule.

Comfort food at its best! Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Bake. (The College Housewife)

Need a batch of Vegan Lace Cookies! (Mississippi Vegan)

Pink Lady Food Photography 2020 Competition now open for entries!!!

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