Simply Sunday, 3

Baking supplies of milk, cream, vanilla, and eggs.

Wow, what a week packed full of travel, work, and excitement. On Monday I flew to Las Vegas to meet with two fabulous photographer friends. We spent five days filming for my upcoming online class about using artificial light for food photography, “Light Your Food”.

I’ve never been to Vegas in the middle of summer and I was more that grateful to have a pool close by.  I drank way to many iced chai lattes than I should have, smooched some cute pups, and even had time to style a night time cocktail shoot! Oh yeah, pretty sure I have a few more freckles than I did when I left home.

But traveling is always an adventure. No matter where I go, or how I prepare for my trip, something always goes awry. For instance, losing my license between the first check point and the line to take off your shoes while still in Nashville. Yep, this stuff always seems to happen to me, please say I’m not alone. I was once completely frisked for just having a paper license!

In an empty line, quiet airport, and literally 20 feet of carpet I dropped my license, noticed it wasn’t in my hand and poof…it completely disappeared!

After 10 minutes of doubling back and forth, asking TSA agents for help, and slightly freaking out, a concerned citizen finally suggested I go to the security office. So I kicked off my sneakers, through my computer in a bin, and went through the motions. 

I found the small office at the end of security and thankfully someone turned it in. Now, to this fabulous person who decided to pass on my ID, Thank You!! I wish I could send you some brownies 🙂

Even as I write this, I think of all the times I’ve dropped, lost, misplaced, accidentally destroyed or had my license stolen. What is up with this plastic card? Does it not feel like it’s a good photo representation of me and it should belong to another, or knows I may lose it so better just escape now?

Anyways, I’ve learned to laugh at myself during these situations and try to find solutions without it putting a dent in my travel. Changing my outlook and lowering my stress level by stopping to make an actionable plan is my new goal.

Remind me to tell you about the time I got a cactus stuck in my leg while visiting Joshua Tree.

Now that its Sunday, I’m taking a moment to recover my mind and body from traveling.  Have you ever tried meditating or hot yoga? Both have helped me with gaining focus, being present, and loosening tension in my muscles. Check out the info I’ve linked below.

So glad to be home with chickens and pups! Back to baking Monday!!

Hope you have a lovely afternoon with a tall iced latte 🙂

Here are this week’s Simply Sunday finds!

Pour yourself an Iced Coconut Chai Latte with this recipe for The Kitchen MccCabe.

Favorite Camera Bag for travel. Fits right under plane seat and hold your laptop too.

Noken is a great travel app to help curate your trip!

The Plane Just Left Me, a traveler’s story. (NY Times)

Benefits of Hot Yoga (Healthier)

Must follow Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen | Yoga Instructor, Author, Podcast

My tomatoes are ripe and I’ve been making lots of Tomato Hand Pies!!

Must read food writer and editor memoirs, Save Me The Plums (Ruth Reichl)

Try a few minutes of guided meditation a day with HeadSpace App.

Healthy Life Manual “How To Be Well” Frank Lipman

Ever try a Float Tank? Great for relaxation and relieved some of my joint pain. Just remember not to touch your face with salty fingers.

Stuffed Chicken Breasts are so easy and so good!! (The Modern Proper)

Interested in trying a mirrorless camera? Check out the Nikon Z6, the video quality is amazing!

It’s overcast here today, so maybe I will take a nap and dream about recipes. Thanks for tuning in for my weekly journal posts.


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