Simply Sunday 6

Fig and basil cocktail in harsh light.

Hello Friends!!

Sunday again and its the first day of September! I know we missed a Sunday, but I went on vacation and took some time to unplug. A short week in Colorado with music, good food, and a little mountain river fishing was just what my soul was craving. Checking off that Summer Bucket List right at the cut off 🙂

Do you ever feel like you need to just get away to recharge? I mean there are certainly days when I take breaks from work. But, for me its necessary to be completely away, somewhere in nature without phones, computers, noise, and any distraction from the present.

Fly fishing has been on my list of things to try and this summer I finally made it a priority. I wanted to stand in the river, stare at the mountains, and be quiet. My goal was to learn the technique, not get snagged in a tree, and safely look for Moose. Catching a fish would just be a bonus.

Another goal of mine this summer was to attend more outdoor concerts. Well, I’m not sure if I will find a better venue than Red Rocks. Outdoor amphitheater nestled in between giant mountain rocks right in the middle of a nature park. The acoustics and views are simply amazing. Especially when thunderstorms are passing in the distance and you can see lightning strike from miles away. If you ever get the chance to attend a show there, take it!

Now that Summer is over, maybe I should make a Fall Bucket List? Or at least Intention Setting for the remainder of the year.

Happy Sunday and enjoy the last few warm day we have:)

Here are this week’s Simply Sunday finds!

Are you following Why the Amazon is burning.

Hidden Italian Restaurant Gem in Denver Highlands, the Well Pizza & Bar has the most amazing pizza crust! Order a Calzone, you won’t regret it.

Honey lovers need to check out Savannah Bee Company. Honey, Meade, bath products and cute gifts galore. I also purchased the cutest little honeybee choker and still haven’t taken it off.

Are you super indecisive and always asking “what if”? Great little question and response read from ‘Ask Polly’ on the Cut, for those of use who want to make decisions but often hesitate with worry. This was me years ago and now I’ve learned to just jump in to see if I swim, instead of thinking on the shore.

Top Chef’s pick their favorite Ice Cream Flavors. (Bloomberg)

10 Tips to Make Better Ice Cream (Saveur)

On the thought of Ice Cream, I’m holding on to frozen dessert long until I see the first snowflake. Here is my Homemade Peach Ice Cream Recipe with brown sugar sautéed peaches.

Ever try Herb Jam? New challenge for garden goodies. (Bon Appetit)

Get your tickets for the Nashville Food and Wine Festival this September.

Great cocktail for transitioning into fall. Try this recipe for Basil Fig Vodka Smash.(With Food & Love)

Easy weeknight pasta with that can of tuna you don’t know what to do with. I ate a ton of this Tuna Pasta. (Bon Appetit)

Try out these chewy Homemade Granola Bars for an easy take with you snack.

New Book on my reading list is “City of Girls” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve gotten so many recommendations. Can’t wait to dive in!!

Released my online Artificial Light course for Food Photographer today!! Check out “Light Your Food”

Til next week!


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