Simply Sunday 7

Summer tomatoes in a bowl shot in harsh light.

Happy Sunday!

Still super hot and humid in Tennessee, but there have been a few glimpses of cooler weather. I love fall and the seasonal transition of warm days and cold evenings that lead up to full blown chilly weather. The leaves are still green, though my grass isn’t growing as quickly, berry bushes have stopped producing, and my fall perennials are covered in buds. The little changes in nature are what first tip you off that a new season is around the corner.

My tomato vines have been producing like crazy for the last couple months, though taking forever it seemed to finally show enough color on the fruit for picking. Last week however, every tomato began ripening at the same time and now I have quite the plethora. Since I’ve already canned one batch, this group of heirloom and mixed red tomatoes may find themselves in a pie. Wondering if mushrooms should join them?

Before fall does get here, I’m working on a plan to keep as many plants as I can during the winter. Starting with the transfer of herbs to pots for growing in the kitchen. Collecting trimmings from my hanging baskets to sprout for planting next year. And possibly build a small green house in the backyard for housing a few potted favorites. Would love any tips or ideas you have for housing annuals during the cooler months.

Another sign that summer is coming to an end is feathers all in the chicken pen. Yep, its molting season, the time of year that chickens lose their feathers, then regrow a fluffier set to keep them warm. I noticed Goldie had stopped laying eggs about a week ago, which is normal during this process. The best thing you can do for them is lots of high protein food, and no stress. I also use this time to collect all the gorgeous feathers she discards to add to my photo scenes.

So, I’m spending my Sunday cleaning the chicken pen, gardening, and pondering tomato recipes. Hope yours is just as relaxing.



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