Summer Bucket List 2019

Summer Bucket List 2019 for swimming, fishing, and picnics.

What is a Summer Bucket List? Well, its a list of experiences and tasks to complete while its still warm enough to wear shorts and flip flops. I may be a couple weeks late in creating my list, but there is still plenty of summer left!!

Are you a list maker? I love making ‘to do’ lists for recipes, shopping, household chores, just about everything. My lists are always hand written with a pen and laid out in plain sight, so I won’t lose them. I just love the way a pen feels on paper, and I will never convert to pencil or typing my lists into a folder on my phone. Nope, I want to make notes, draw squiggle lines, and mark through or check each one off by hand.

I highly suggest writing down your goals and wishes. There is something very therapeutic, almost energizing about seeing them listed out in front of you. Its almost like your thoughts have now become realistic tasks and all you have to do is complete them!

So, here we go!

Summer Bucket List

  • Share more lifestyle stories on Instagram and the Blog. Earlier last month I shared about my backyard chickens, but I would love to tell you more about gardening, living in Nashville, fun inspiration, and my travels. Time to take more pics away from the food and get to writing!


  • Be more organized!! This is a big struggle for me. I tend to keep things in little piles with attempts to be more organized but it never lasts. I watched the first episode of Marie Kondo on Netflix last night and at 10 pm I pulled everything out of my closet and started going through clothes. Yep, I was folding and saying thanks to old shirts while my dogs watched in utter boredom. But, now I actually know where some of my shorts were and I can see the floor! Next to tackle my office, kitchen, and bathroom.


  • Find somewhere to swim regularly. I love to swim and with bad knees from years of riding horses, running on concrete is not the best choice of exercise. To keep my body in shape and burn off the baking, I’m on the search for a spot to dive into the water. Also need to take up paddle boarding!


  • Attend Outdoor Concerts. You would think living in Music City I would go to more concerts than I do. But, I get so busy with work I hardly take time to head downtown. And, I absolutely love sitting in an open amphitheater and hearing the music all around me.


  • Tackle more sourdough recipes. This should be the summer of yeast, haha. I always find myself in awe of the beautiful scoring on sourdough. Time to step up my game, feed my starter and get to designing some breads!


  • Plan a baking class! This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. It may be scheduled for later in the year, but I would love to offer a baking get together to give hands on teaching to other baking enthusiasts. Time to make a list for this!


  • Outdoor Picnics. Packing a lunch, some sort of  fruity drink, a dessert, and spend all afternoon on a blanket in the grass reading, eating, and napping. Doesn’t it sound heavenly? Need to do more of these to relax and let my soul re-energize. This also includes walking barefoot in the grass.


  • Take time to go fishing. Yep, I love to sit on the edge of a pond and cast my reel in hopes of catching a fish. Doesn’t really matter if I only catch one or none. Just something so peaceful about sitting and waiting while listening to nature. No phones, no computers, just me and a chair with a fishing pole. Ok, maybe some dogs and a few friends too 🙂


Whew, thats a list to tackle, now to start crossing things off!


Hope you create a summer bucket list and enjoy checking each one off with a smile!!




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    June 28, 2019 at 10:31 am

    I know a pool of a pool in Richmond and Las Vegas!

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      June 29, 2019 at 11:44 am

      I’ve got my swimsuit and floaties ready!!

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