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Two Cups Flour is a Baking Blog based in Nashville, TN

Follow along for fun flavors with different flours in your favorite breakfast, bread, and dessert recipes. New twists on the old classics including some exciting ingredient combos along with helpful instructional tips.

Hello..Jenn here,

a foodie and photographer inspired by all things out of the ordinary! When I’m not baking or taking photos, then I’m probably thinking about what to bake next and how to photograph it.  I love creating with my hands, smooching puppy faces, and dancing in the kitchen.

This blog is dedicated to my love of baking and my three favorite things to eat! Breakfast is the best meal of the day, there’s nothing better than warm fresh bread, and I never say no to dessert!

Armed with a camera, spatula, a pantry fool of goodies and lots of passion, I share my baking journey!

Glad you stumbled upon my online bakery and I hope you come back to visit.

Cheers and a Slice of Cake,