Jenn Davis | Two Cups Flour

Two Cups Flour is a Baking Blog based in Nashville, TN

Follow along for fun flavors with different flours in your favorite breakfast, dessert, bread, and pasta recipes. Jenn Davis is a food photographer and home baker with a love for experimenting in the kitchen!

Hello..Jenn here,

a foodie and photographer inspired by natural light, wanderlust, slow living, whole foods, minimalism, and imperfection. When I’m not behind a lens, in my kitchen, or lost in a book, I can be found playing with my dogs, strolling through farmers markets, or drawing while always in search of inspiration.

This blog is dedicated to my love of baking, trying new flavors, and experimenting in the kitchen. What you can find here are delightful recipes made with an array of flours!

Armed with a camera, spatula, a pantry fool of goodies and lots of passion, the journey begins!

Glad you stumbled upon my online bakery and I hope you come back to visit.